Psychosynthesis is a personal process of transformation. For many years it was restricted to the counsellor’s consulting room, but now it has come into play in education and business through the mechanism of coaching for performance.

Counselling, psychotherapy, coaching and groupworking are all forums for facilitating transformation of the person and of the professional – so can we use the principles of psychosynthesis across the board with teachers, pupils, social workers, managers in all sorts of organisations, and professionals in all fields?

I believe that is our challenge at this time. The best of accelerated learning practice and the best performance coaching already addresses questions of human potential, approaching issues of purpose and meaning, sense of direction and a sense of vocation. But maybe this great will project can be adapted and implemented across the board in all sorts of ways, complementing the deep and broad work already being done by the best counsellors, trainers and coaches…

I’m interested in hearing from others in these fields who work to bring spirit into form in practical ways in order to align themselves – and their clients – with their true potential and their life’s vocation.