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Since 1992 I’ve trained Heathrow immigration officers and inspectors, west London high school teachers and child protection social workers, bereavement counsellors and others in the principles of stress management, work/life balance, managing transition, wellbeing and personal development using psychosynthesis principles.

I’ve run a private counselling and psychotherapy practice in London since 1993 on and off and now am integrating a psychodynamic approach to my individuals work.

I’m a CIPD-trained performance coach, using the John Whitmore GROW approach based on psychosynthesis principles.

I like to blend groupwork with one-to-one work and enjoy working with creative clients such as writers, artists and musicians alongside others working in the caring professions such as education and social work.

I’m now based in Glasgow and am looking for challenging projects in Scotland, although I am looking forward to continuing my collaborations with colleagues and fellow practitioners in London, Cheshire, St Alban’s, Coventry, Dublin and Belfast.

I’m co-creating a one day workshop called Natural Pathways which takes learnings from ancient wisdom traditions (Celtic, Buddhist, Hindu and others) to provide insight and enlightenment for everyday life.

We hope to run these in Twickenham from 2015, so watch this space!

In the meantime, feel free to contact me by email, book a workshop for your group, call me to discuss coaching session for yourself or for your team, or leave a comment for discussion.

I look forward to hearing from you – and to working with you!


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