coaching for performance – GROW

As an Associate of the CIPD, I’m trained and qualified as a coach with a psychosynthesis approach. I will work with your group or team, or with you individually and confidentially.

I will work with you on your professional development, towards your individual or team objectives, and help you be the most effective and productive you can be. At times of transition , whether planned (like organisational change) or unplanned (like redundancy or career change) I will help you steady the ship, examine your options and plan your next steps.

I will work with you on your personal development, examining how you can attain a clearer sense of direction, and focus on realising your potential by integrating your body, feelings, mind and spirituality and by listening to your calling. This may release your creativity and may create awareness and opportunities which transform your situation and your self.

Psychosynthesis is a process of integrating that which has become broken or fragmented towards a greater wholeness – a more fulfilled life.

Coaching normally takes place once a week for about an hour (alternating a face to face one week with a call or email exchange the following week at the same time).

I can visit you at your place of work in central Scotland, or at centres or offices near you in this area. In other parts of the UK we can work together by arrangement.

Our first exploratory conversation will be free of charge, and if we agree to work together we will agree a fee for a further four or six weeks which suits your budget – I have a sliding scale to suit students, small businesses, professionals and individuals in various circumstances.

The full fee is £55 per hour, which is £220 for four sessions and £330 for six, and concessions apply of 10% and 20% depending on your circumstances. I am always happy to discuss this with you so don’t hesitate to enquire.

Of course as part of a training, mentoring or coaching package over a longer term, or for a group or organisation, the fees will be even more economical and the interventions can be more flexible combining all three approaches depending on your learning and development needs.


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