One day workshops & AL training courses

I use a brain-friendly accelerated learning approach (pioneered by David Meier) and my workshops and training days engage all five senses (sight, touch, taste, hearing and smell) and all the known learning styles (somatic/kinaesthetic, auditory, visual, intellectual).

So there will be some movement around the room, breaking into pairs and small groups, stimulating or relaxing music, essential oils subtly sharpening the reflective mind, animated on-topic conversation, herbal teas, visual presentations and slide shows, posters and handouts full of symbols and colour. And maybe sweets or fruit!

There will be some reflection time, some note-taking, some exercises and some light teambuilding, some practice scenarios, all related to real-life and work situations, all linked to new skills or new learnings, to your self-set objectives and goals. All good fun and embedded learning with frequent reviews.

A pre-course questionnaire will ensure you get out of the day what you say you need; bringing an open mind and a sense of self-challenge will make sure you get out what you put in. There will be input from the facilitator – but there is wisdom in the group and probably a reservoir of anecdote and story, a history of trial and error, and a tank of goodwill which we will draw on to craft a memorable and valuable learning experience.

Examples of one-day or two-day workshops you may wish to book for your team now :

STRESS MANAGEMENT – for staff, for managers, for leaders

NATURAL PATHWAYS – ancient wisdom for everyday wellbeing

FUNDAMENTAL ELEMENTS of PSYCHOSYNTHESIS : for education, for business, for social workers, for counsellors and pastoral workers


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